Ergonomists Differentiate Ergonomics from Injury Prevention

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David Brodie, MS, CPE, Corporate Ergonomist, Cargill, Inc.; Program Co-Chair, National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo recently presented a webinar ahead of the upcoming ErgoExpo conference in Las Vegas.

Brodie oversees the development and implementation of the corporate ergonomics program for the company, with the goal to significantly reduce ergonomic risk and injury rates to meet global health and safety goals. Brodie, a Certified Professional Ergonomist with a Master of Science in Kinesiology, has been working in the field of ergonomics for 20 years. Brodie has worked as a consultant for corporate clients throughout North America, including work in office, industrial, meat processing, transportation and healthcare settings. He is currently Administrator of the Ergonomics Practice Specialty within the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and past President of the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE).

Brodie reviewed how ergonomics and injury prevention are not the same thing.  He also discussed how ergonomics is not solely about risk analysis and design, but should also look at the pre-work and return to work elements that contribute to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

An effective ergonomics program uses a wide array of resources, tools and opportunities to drive down risk and reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Brodie shared firsthand examples from the program launched at Cargill, Inc. to highlight how a comprehensive program comes together, and continues to grow.

Some of the elements covered at this recent webinar will be addressed at ErgoExpo including learning how to:

  • Recognize where the risk of MSDs exists in your organization
  • Identify resources and tools that can be used to limit risk and injuries
  • Discuss differences between ergonomics and MSD prevention
  • Identify MSD control levels
  • Create a targeted effort to reduce MSDs to an even greater level

Other ErgoExpo Speakers Include:

  • Melissa Afterman, Senior Principal Ergonomist, VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Anshel, OD, FAAO, Founder, Corporate Vision Consulting
  • Todd Baker, Principal, Empowerment Ergonomics
  • Drew Bossen, Executive Vice President, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions
  • Richard Bunch, CEO, WorkSaver Systems
  • Barry Carlin, CEO Best Performance Systems Inc.
  • Chia-Chia Chang, MPH, MBA, Partnerships Coordinator, NIOSH Total Worker Health®, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Ian Chong, MS, CPE, Extreme Ergonomics Inc.
  • Emma Christensen, Corporate Ergonomist, WorksafeBC
  • Jerome J. Congleton, PhD, PE, CPE. PhD, PE, CPE, Emeritus Professor of Ergonomics and Safety Engineering, Texas A&M University Health Science Center School of Public Health
  • Kevin Costello, CPE President, United States Ergonomics
  • Deepesh Desai, Director of Consulting, Humantech
  • Curt DeWeese, PT, COO, DSI Work Solutions
  • Scott Ege, PT, MS, President, Ege WorkSmart Solutions, PC
  • Jessica Ellison, MS, CPE, CSP, Principal Consultant, BSI EHS Services and Solutions
  • Vicki Froman, Workers’ Compensation Manager, Rich Products
  • Arun Garg, Professor of Occupational Science & Technology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Michael Gee, Owner, PRO FIT Ergonomic Solutions Inc.
  • Lucy Hart, MSc, CCPE, Certified Ergonomist
  • Alan Hedge, Professor of Ergonomics, Cornell University


  • Keri Herndon, Clinical Specialist, BTE Workforce Solutions
  • Raymond Higgs, Regional HS&E Manager, ZF TRW
  • David Hodge, Ergonomics Specialist, M-erg
  • Michael Hoonhorst, Senior Consultant, Humantech
  • And many others

Join these ergonomists and Topper Industrial at the upcoming ErgoExpo in Las Vegas in Las Vegas from November 15-18 at booth #500. Register to attend:

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