July 1st: Topper Industrial Now Includes Topper Tube, a full line of Pipe and Joint products

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July 1st marks an important day in the history of Topper Industrial.  It is the first day of Topper Tube, (www.toppertube.com) a full line of tube, pipe, and joint products. The pipe joint system is a smart, dynamic, and flexible system which can be suited for numerous applications. This dynamic pipe joint system has numerous advantages including easy to handle components made of light-weight materials.

Simple assembly without requiring any special tools or skills ensures rapid return on investment in a fully flexiblTopperTube_GFRe and versatile system. Because things change quickly on the manufacturing plant floor, Topper has ensured that this new product line is also simple to disassemble; this means there is high re-usability of the completely maintenance free system.

No welding is required which makes the system easy to assemble and safe to use while maintaining a clean, durable, and attractive finish.

Some of the different projects Topper Industrial can support include flow racks, work stations, light weight carts, and kiosks. The pipe joint system is a smart, dynamic, and flexible modular assembly system consisting of plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints. The system is so flexible that it can be made into various types of racks, trolleys, workstations, gravity flow racks and light duty machine structures. The wide variety of available joints make the system flexible, making the system suitable for a variety of lean systems. 

Topper Carts have long been the leader in the Fork Truck Free environment.  To continue the one-stop-shop approach, the new Topper Tube division allows workstations for general assembly, automotive, and electronic component manufacturing, work benches, checking & inspection tables and packing tables.  Flow racks, both static and mobile flow racks, support FIFO systems, picking systems & industrial racks.

Pipes and tubing is cost effective, rust inhibitor are applied to inner surface for extended lifetime cycle, and ensure durability and flexibility. Higher strength to weight ratio than that of coated pipe and there is no burning during cutting, electrostatic discharge, electrically and thermally conductive, and are superior in providing 163resistance to oil and chemicals.

Ed Brown, founder of Topper Industrial, shared, “The Tube and Pipe Joint System is becoming more and more popular among producers introducing Lean Manufacturing. The flexibility of the production greatly depends on the quick adaptability of the factory layout to the current needs. The modular construction and great variety of the system components gives it an advantage over traditional (welded) solutions. It takes as little as few hours from the design to set up the construction, and a few minutes to modify it. An invaluable characteristic of the system is its universal application. The appropriately designed joints allow to build both static and dynamic constructions, therefore making it better than the alternative system using aluminum profiles.”

Just as Topper Industrial took the Fork Truck Free lead, this new division is another demonstration of materials handling and manufacturing leadership. The system enables quick, easy, and clean production without additional skills or assembly tools. The variety of the components facilitates the making of any spatial construction.

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Article submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial

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