Benefits to Introducing Cart Delivery at the Assembly Line.

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Topper Industrial is a manufacturer of custom line side material handling equipment, focusing on cart delivery. As a pioneer in the fork truck movement, Topper has had great results when incorporating industrial cart delivery for material delivery across all work sectors.

Additionally, many customers of Topper have discovered that introducing industrial carts and cart delivery system into their existing assembly lines has improved their processes. They are able to increase safety by reducing personnel injuries, increasing productivity by creating step by step process, and establish appropriate procedures that allow personnel to stay focused on value added activities.

Benefits of Cart Delivery with Topper Industrial

  • Improved Productivity vs Unneeded over production
  • Better Safety Practices
  • Increased Flexibility vs Rigid Processes
  • Process Stability and Simplification vs Non Value-Added Processes
  • Inventory Reduction vs Excess Inventory
  • Earlier Quality Identification vs Mass Quantities of Defects
  • Reduce Costs & Labor vs More Fork lifts and Under Utilized workforce
  • Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Compatibility as previously discussed.

Topper Industrial prides itself on creating custom equipment solutions that are designed and fabricated per need and specific application needed. A one size fits all concept is often marketed to create an overall faster turnaround, however this doesn’t pay off in the long run. Having the right equipment for your application can ensure the right material delivered at the right time at the right place in the right quantity.

Contact Topper Industrial today to get your right equipment designed and fabricated.

About Topper Industrial

For more than twenty years, Topper Industrial ( continues to be a leading manufacturer of material handling carts and line side equipment. Topper provides lean material handling solutions to the supply chain.

Topper Industrial engineers and designsIndustrial Carts (Mother / Daughter Cart Systems, Quad Steer Carts or Tracking Carts, Specialized Delivery Carts, Transfer Carts with Roller Deck, Static Carts, Rotation Carts, Tilt Carts or Kitting Carts), Industrial Cart Components(Parts Department), Industrial Containers (Corrugated Containers), PalletsLift/Tilt SystemsRacking and Tube & Joint. Topper Industrial designs all products with ergonomics in mind, focusing on ease of use and best positioning of material to get the job done. Topper Industrial is a proud member of MHI. Follow on Twitter @TopperInd. Call 800-529-0909. Contact

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