Ed Brown, CEO at Topper interviewed by Manufacturing Talk Radio.

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Episode 381: Industrial Cart and Conveyor Solutions from Topper Industrial.

As industry becomes more technologically sophisticated in manufacturing, some “simple machines” will remain ever-present, like carts that actually contribute to lean manufacturing. Ed Brown, founder of Topper Industrial in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, joins hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to tout the features and benefits of industrial cart and conveyor solutions.

Episode 381’s Guest:

Ed Brown, founder of Topper Industrial is a very driven, forward thinking entrepreneur. In 1994, he opened the operations of Topper Industrial, a leading manufacturer of various material handling equipment in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Ed currently resides as the CEO of the company, while overseeing Sales and Research & Development. The company proves highly innovative in finding solutions to the needs of an ever changing industrial work environment.

Ed is an inventor of many industrial cart and conveyors solutions. He holds several patents through his years running Topper. The patents relate to ergonomics and safety. They cover mechanical advancements on Topper’s tow bar, couple system and cart handle. Ed also holds a patent on tilt carts. Many other Topper products are patent pending.

Ed is a proud Alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated in 1971 with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. Ed holds season tickets for the Wisconsin Badgers football team and is reluctant to miss a home game. “Let’s go Bucky!”

Ed has many accomplishments to choose from, but the most significant is being able to found and help run the day to day operations of a world class material handling solutions company. It is very humbling to have something you have created evolve into something considered to be one of the best companies in your industry in regards to product design and quality. Ed is often referred to as the “Father of Fork Free Delivery Carts.”

Ed is constantly pursuing product diversity in order to make Topper Industrial the most unique material handling solutions company in the United States. His vison is to evolve into a sole source for supplying all that is required for assembly line.

Ed along with his wife, Jan have five children. All of Ed’s five children work at Topper Industrial in various departments. Ed and Jan Brown have twelve grandchildren that can someday join the work force at Topper.

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