Engineered-to-Order: One Size Doesn’t Fit All Manufacturing and Material Handling Operations 

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Grainger is one of the largest industrial equipment distributors in the world. Topper Industrial products are not available through Grainger for a specific reason. If manufacturing operations directors or plant managers need an off-the-shelf solution, Grainger may well be a good place to start the purchasing and procurement process.

Most of the customers of Topper Industrial require something unique; they require an ETO (engineered-to-order) solution that meets very specific production, material handling, and manufacturing requirements. A dedicated team of engineers with decades of experience define, design, and develop a material handling solution meeting the specific application, ensuring the proper solutions in size, weight, and functionality.

Ed Brown, founder of Topper Industrial, holds many ground-breaking patents which all guarantee strict ergonomic, durability and functionality standards. This pioneering spirit ensures that that engineered material handling solution delivers the lowest life cycle costs.

An ETO approach is not required by all companies, however those operations focused on best-practice ergonomics and FTF (Fork Truck Free) environments are often seeking a solution that requires some modification, often significant modification (or complete redesign).

By applying a complete in-house research and development team, engineering, and manufacturing expertise, the engineered-to-order problem solving capability is unparalleled. Ed Brown insists that, “Unique workplace challenges demand a unique approach, and we have the knowledge and experience to work closely with project team leaders to tailor an ergonomic, cost-effective solution addressing specific product and process requirements as well as human safety factors.”

Unique does not mean more expensive; in fact Topper Industrial manufactures material handling equipment is designed to improve productivity in the workplace while enhancing safety and comfort for the operator. Designing reliable products that are easy to operate has positioned the company for dramatic growth. The employee count is expected to double over the next two years ensuring the company brings vast experience while providing custom equipment with special features.

Topper Industrial

Topper brings companies considering a Fork Truck Free operation to various customer sites for benchmarking; to arrange an on-site benchmarking session call 800-529-0909.

By Thomas R. Cutler, Manufacturing Journalist for Topper Industrial – Material Handling Solutions

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