Existing Topper Carts Customer Changing Over All Daughter Carts to Toppster RS Casters.

June 14, 2021 Product Highlights 418 Views

A large, worldwide hydraulic motor manufacturer has been a customer of Topper Industrial’s for over ten years. As the company has ventured through their lean journey, they partnered with Topper to incorporated cart delivery of hydraulic components lineside throughout their facility.  

The hydraulic company uses Topper’s patented Wheels on the Ground, Pass Through Mother Daughter Cart System. It is the most versatile and flexible solution on the market. Within the last five years, 3 Mother Carts were set to work to move material in the facility. That is three main, Mother Carts working reliably being tugged throughout the entire work shift at two shifts per workday. They are able to move material effectively by incorporating 100 daughter carts into the cart delivery process. They were able to see ROA in 7 months.

Mother Daughter Cart Systems are generally pulled by a tugger. The system consists of a Mother Cart and two or more Daughter Carts. The daughter carts are designed to fit within the Mother Carts framework. Once the Daughter Carts are locked inside, the Mother Cart and Daughter Carts are then able to be tugged as one.  Often, two or more Mother Carts will also be towed in train.

The Daughter Carts can all different types and sizes and utilize the same Mother Cart framework. For instance, One Mother Cart can be designed to carry a static cart as a daughter cart and a rotation cart as a daughter cart.

Recently, the hydraulic motor manufacturer has opted to upgrade all their existing daughter cart casters to Topper Industrial’s Toppster RS Casters. There are many benefits to upgrading the carts to Toppster RS Casters.

The RS Casters are constructed of a precision heavy duty rig, precision sealed bearing & aluminum core wheel for corrosion prevention. They are a highly superior performance casters. They are 15% easier to push/pull.  RS Casters are specially formulated polyurethane treads for the RS Casters will not pick up debris and the dark color will not show dirt or look dirty after use. All bearings are sealed precision for smooth and reliable long term operation, best in class ergonomics, and reliability. The RS rigid and RS swivel casters both have Topper’s unique dual bolt pattern which makes alignment perfect with minimal effort. The RS Casters come with a four year warranty.

Topper Industrial has a great team of people working hard each day to create the most reliable and innovative material handling products for our customers. Combined with over 40 years of experience in the material handling industry, Topper’s team of highly skilled engineers, designers and skilled workers is especially equipped to design and build Industrial Carts (Mother / Daughter Cart Systems, Quad Steer Carts or Tracking Carts, Specialized Delivery Carts, Transfer Carts with Roller Deck, Static Carts, Rotation Carts, Tilt Carts or Kitting Carts), Industrial Cart Components (Cart Parts Department), Industrial Containers (Corrugated and Wire Mesh Containers), PalletsLift/Tilt SystemsRacking and Tube & Joint. Topper is very proud of the dedication each and every team member has for developing quality products for ever changing needs across the supply chain.

Topper’s team is eager to help create solutions for every customer’s material flow requirements.   All customers quickly become part of the extended Topper family. Contact us today at sales@topperindustrial.com.

“Keeping your material moving.”

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