Fork Truck Free News – Vol. 1, Issue 2

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Fork Truck Free News – November 16, 2015 – Vol. 1, Issue 2

Fork Truck Free Industrial Cart Systems Act as Trains Carrying Multiple Loads in One Trip
State-of-the-art tow tractors coupled with Topper industrial cart systems act as trains carrying multiple loads in one trip; this type of solution is very efficient for moving material, replacing one-load-at-a-time delivery. Cart-based solutions have evolved where they can operate in a wide range of applications, including parts delivery to a production line, kitting, or for sequenced cart orders delivering smaller loads more frequently. Logistics Management magazine shared more information about this trend. Learn  more.
Fork Truck Free Environments Drive Cost Reduction
Beyond safety and lean manufacturing, forklift-free environments drive down cost normally incurred from labor wages, medical costs and training expenses, as well as expenditures suffered from facility, equipment, and unsaleable product damage due to forklifts. Forklift operators require expensive labor, approximately $62,000 per year to operate the machinery in the U.S.
A forklift operator accounts for 96% of the operating cost over the vehicle life. Where as, with an automated tugger solution replacing manned forklift travel, the vehicle can operate for approximately $3 per hour, 24/7.  Learn more.
Super-Sized Warehouses Driving Fork Truck Free Movement
Warehouses are getting super-sized as growing consumer demand around the world pushes the limits of logistics capacity, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Industrial real estate analysts say that in recent years, an increasing number of massive distribution centers have popped up in response to growing e-commerce. As online sales become a larger portion of revenue for vendors, the companies require more manpower, machines, and storage space to handle high volumes of smaller packages.
The distribution centers where manufacturers and retailers store, package, and ship out products are increasing in size around the world. The biggest facilities have doubled in the last ten years to top one million square feet in the U.S. and have grown to similar sizes in Europe and China, according to a new report by Colliers International Group Inc.
Supersized warehouses are prone to greater dangers, safety hazards, and injury to both fork truck drivers and warehouse pedestrians. The result is increased adoption of Fork Truck Free warehouses. Learn more.
Fork Truck Free – Displaced Fork Truck Drivers Moved to Tugger Driving Position and New Value-added Positions
In a recent case study, with a major manufacturer, several findings resulted:
  • Savings on fork truck maintenance, warehousing and economically more efficient material handling
  • Overall traffic has decreased (all remaining fork lifts and tuggers abide by one way traffic)
  • Flow of material handling operations has become transparent
  • WIP at manufacturing and assembly reduced by 75%
  • Elimination of rack storage equals added manufacturing space (4,000 sq ft)
  • Elimination of up to 66% of fork trucks being used
  • Displaced fork truck drivers moved to tugger driving position and/or new value-added positions
  • Reduced 23 passes per day down to 5 passes per day using planned tugger schedule
Learn more.
Topper Industrial Operations Manager Sees New Solutions to Manufacturing Challenges
Robert Wrixton, Topper Industrial operations manager since 1994, has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, welding, and metal fabrication. Wrixton is dedicated to customer satisfaction and product excellence. He enjoys looking for new solutions to manufacturing challenges. Wrixton noted, “I enjoy the camaraderie and creativity shared by everyone working here and appreciate the generosity and support provided by the
owners,” Wrixton brings excellent mechanical abilities with extensive design experience, such as the able to visualize designs in 3 dimensions.

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