Forum Energy Technologies Removed 90 Percent of Forklifts Thanks to Topper Industrial Carts

October 17, 2019 News Releases 2480 Views

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Bridget McCrea, editor of Modern Materials Handling recently reported how Forum Energy Technologies, a customer of Topper Industrial, the leading industrial cart provider, substantially improved with internal cart delivery.

Last year, Forum Energy Technologies production plant was getting close to running out of capacity. The plant revolved around a traditional manufacturing mindset, where a forklift is used to bring parts to one worker, who proceeds to build all of the necessary items for the valve. But that setup did not work so well when the plant’s business increased significantly.

The company focused on cutting down its use of forklifts and instead using industrial carts that could be easily transported to and from its employees’ workstations throughout the course of the day. Forum Energy Technologies’ transition to using carts over forklifts started with a trip to a Milwaukee plant where a team of employees worked with Topper Industrial cart manufacturer to come up with design solutions.

Forum Energy Technologies has removed about 90% of the forklifts that were previously moving around the plant’s open floor area. The company eliminated the top-three safety hazards in its production area, which were: forklift traffic, pressure testing and lifting/rigging. With no forklift traffic to worry about, it also redesigned its pressure-testing process to eradicate potential safety hazards. And, operators no longer have to physically manipulate heavy valves; they just let the rotating carts handle that work thanks to the innovations of Topper Industrial.

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