Heavy Duty Industrial Material Handling Carts and Industry 4.0 Focus at ProMat 2019

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Intelligent sensors enable Industry 4.0 by providing valuable information for vertical and horizontal integration. The AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) tugger equipped with these data-collection sensors gather both real-time and historical data. These data allow best-practice lean manufacturers to  focus on information that is aligned with manufacturing, supply chain, and business objectives.

During ProMat 2019, Chicago April 8 – 11, Topper Industrial executives will review the issues and plans that provide a purpose for the data used to diagnose problems at the machine-level, as well as analyzing the appropriate data for trending, predictive analysis, and overall operational reporting.

It is important for manufacturing and supply chain operations leaders to understand the Industry 4.0 landscape from industrial infrastructure to analytics solutions throughout operations. Goals should include solutions that optimize the value added process, on the basis of the real-time information provided by a network of connected sensors, devices, and machines. Material flow with product delivery in the Fork Truck Free (FTF) environment will provide the critical elements to consider when planning Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Industry 4.0 is an opportunity for companies to improve operations in a distinct and measurable way. Investing in supporting technologies like self-serve automation is providing companies a sustainable competitive advantage. Topper Industrial recognizes that Industry 4.0 has brought an unprecedented amount of disruption to the supply chain as companies plan how to invest time, technology, and talent. As companies digitize critical operational processes, self-serve automation solutions have become a well-established, best practice. Automating low value tasks is at the heart of the FTF environment. Employees can focus on more valuable work that has a major impact. Leading global companies are automating mobile device management and inventory replenishment to increase efficiencies and savings. These solutions are also extending  continuous improvement and Lean initiatives. Topper listens to manufacturing customers share their experiences and assist in how they achieve impactful results.

FTF is a plan to navigate Industry 4.0 projects, whether early in a company’s efforts or further along; moving from core operational processes to supporting areas.

During ProMat the Topper team wants to examine how the cost of not upgrading is usually higher than the cost of adopting new technologies. Topper is vendor-agnostic on the AGV, mobile robot space and can help sort through which automation technologies make the most sense for each customer’s needs.

Industry 4.0 FTF initiatives can create solutions with little to no capital expenditures and ensures a demonstrable ROI of Industry 4.0 initiatives. As the North American pioneer in the Fork Truck Free movement, Topper Industrial will be meeting with manufacturers to offer a clear perspective on what Industry 4.0 means for supply chain logistics as well as setting the right goals which are critical when leveraging sensor data in a material handling processes.

Topper Industrial is exhibiting at ProMat in Chicago at Booth #S4812 from April 8 – 11. Topper Industrial education session is titled, “Why is Cart Delivery in High Demand?” in Theater I at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 and repeated on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 10:30 am in Theater E. Visit our booth at ProMat.

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