Industrial Material Handling Carts save energy.

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Topper Industrial Tugger Train Carts consume less energy than fork trucks because fork trucks require two electric motors. Tuggers consume less energy than fork trucks because simply, fork trucks require two electric motors. A fork truck has one motor to lift and another to operate the drive of the machine. Tuggers only need one motor.

Most of the energy fork trucks consume is in lifting loads. Because tuggers and industrial material handling carts handle more load volume per move, less energy is consumed. Furthermore, a fork truck must work multiple trips back and forth to deliver the same amount of materials as one tugger utilizing multiple tugger carts. Since tuggers and industrial carts deliver several containers in a single trip, they use less energy compared to fork trucks. This reduced energy consumption also leads to less waste emission which supports lean manufacturing principles.

There is also a significant reduction in labor required in each delivery. With the traditional fork truck based delivery system, several people are required because one person must drive the vehicle and another person to unload the cargo, then more people to load a new cargo. With a a train of tugger carts, this solutions requires only one person for all three jobs.

Topper Industrial material handling carts have consistently gained in popularity in the last two decades as many manufacturing plants recognize the numerous advantages of cart delivery. Delivering items from one location to another efficiently, and in half the time used by fork trucks, makes easy sense with the Topper guaranteed durability and efficiency.

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