Introducing Innovation: Auto-Rotate Cart

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Introducing Innovation: Auto-Rotate Cart

Sturtevant, WI (June 12, 2013) Topper Industrial recently created the Auto-Rotate Cart, a spin on already very useful applications that Topper provides. The Auto-Rotate Cart is designed to cut down operator timing in comparison to a typical rotate cart. The bottom frame is a typical four wheel cart base. The top portion is a manual hand operated rotate frame equipped with a spring mechanism. By pulling it in a twist back motion by hand, the cart becomes spring loaded when it hits the detent. It is then held in place until the operator engages the foot pedal allowing the top portion to spring back to its original position. It creates ease of operation on full to empty material handling processes.

Topper Industrial is leading material handling solutions manufacturer with emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper manufacturers industrial cart dollies, cart components, industrial containers, industrial lift and rotate systems, industrial conveyors and industrial racks. Topper has a built a trustworthy reputation for durable, heavy duty material handling solutions within various industries, such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace, medical and transportation.


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