Introducing Innovation: Disc Brakes on an Industrial Cart

October 6, 2015 News Releases 7323 Views
Introducing Innovation: Disc Brakes on an Industrial Cart

Sturtevant, WI (December 6, 2010) Topper Industrial now offer hand operated disc brakes on their heavy duty industrial carts. The disc brake option is available on four wheel and six wheel carts. The disc brakes help to stop heavy carts and to also function as a parking brake while the cart is being loaded or as needed at the assembly line. The carts come equipped with a hand lever that operates the disc brakes. The brakes are applied when the operator pulls back in a squeezing motion on the hand lever. To engage the disc brake as a parking brake, the operator pushes the hand lever forward. The cart is held in place without the presence of a standard foot brake. The hand lever requires minimal force and the hand operated disc brakes stop the cart very effectively.

Topper Industrial is leading material handling solutions manufacturer with emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper manufacturers industrial cart dollies, cart components, industrial containers, industrial lift and rotate systems, industrial conveyors and industrial racks. Topper has a built a trustworthy reputation for durable, heavy duty material handling solutions within various industries, such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace, medical and transportation.


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