Lift Carts Often Recommended by Occupational Safety & Health Professionals 

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Carts can be 4 Wheel or 6 Wheel Carts, Quad-Steer Carts or mounted to the floor system


Lift carts that are manually pushed and elevated through the use of a manual foot pump. They are economic work positioning solutions for light duty assembly operations where the product is transported from work cell to work cell throughout the process and the changes in elevation are minor. On the other side of the spectrum, electric-hydraulic lift tables paired with an industrial pallet truck find great utility in die handling applications from die racks to presses.

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) often recommends lift carts to Occupational Safety & Health, OSH professionals as a best practice and real-world solution. The 37,000 OSH professionals who are ASSE members take advantage of targeted content, networking and education across industries and common interests, including ergonomics, health and wellness, manufacturing, management and more.

Increasingly there are more Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics. For 25 years, BCPE’s credentials (CPE, CHFP, CUXP, AEP, AHFP, AUXP, and CEA) have symbolized excellence in the practice of human factors, ergonomics, and user experience.

More organizations, such as the Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE) Council are expanding, made up of material handling equipment manufacturers focused on providing effective ergonomic solutions for the manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, distribution, and other industries in the supply chain. EASE acknowledges the value of lift carts as the organizations’ goal is to help find quality (sound) ergonomic solutions that improve the work experience and productivity.

GOErgo, Global Organization of Ergonomics, is a worldwide resource for the ergonomics professions dedicated solely to the support of the profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability, and employee availability.

Most companies are safety first organizations, however one-third of American workers believe their employers prioritize productivity over safety. The National Safety Council released survey results showing 33 percent of the 2,000 employees surveyed across the nation believe safety takes a backseat to productivity at their organizations.

Lift carts are part of the safety AND productivity conversation. Topper Industrial always puts safety first. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) motto is appropriate:

Working together for Healthier Workers, Safer Workplaces, and a Stronger America.


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Article submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial

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