Material Management Improved with Industry 4.0 and Fork Truck Free Combination

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In manufacturing environments, the main objective for the material management is to guarantee a correct and punctual material supply to the factory, by minimizing material transfers’ costs, and to physically organize and optimize the warehouse. Proper utilization of the Fork Truck Free (FTF) environment and Industry 4.0 manages real-time inflows and outflows from/to the warehouse together with all material movements in production, with the aim to provide the user with an updated visibility of the material availability.

Topper Industrial’s leadership in FTF assists in stock level reduction. Accurate knowledge of the real stock level allows for best-practice lean materials consumption.

Time Reduction and Increased Efficiency

Precise and exacting knowledge of a lot position allows for a significant reduction in material movements times while guaranteeing a punctual material supply to plant departments. Additionally, as material flow is improved at the cellular manufacturing level manufacturers are able to enhance traceability. The complete management of materials and the recording of material flows is necessary to track and trace products as well as lots.

Flexible automation, digital applications, custom-fit drive systems are employed to make in-house goods handling even more effective. Intralogistics specialists recognize the value that AGVs linked to mother/daughter industrial carts are all designed to achieve noticeable increases in efficiency. From planning through to the implementation of complete material handling solutions are transformed from manually operated, semi-automated to fully automated systems.

Many manufacturers are already on their way to further developing their intralogistics towards Industry 4.0 and are looking for suitable products and systems. The five major fields: automation, digitization, energy, safety, and intralogistics are addressed with a growing portfolio of industrial trucks and warehouse equipment, safety features, apps, and energy systems. The possibilities for making in-house material flows more effective and efficient are many times greater today than they were just a few years ago. Fork Truck Free reinforces the essential need to reduce complexity and make profitable use of the growing flood of data.

Digitization remains the major driver in intralogistics. It goes hand in hand with a fusion of vehicles – i.e. hardware – and digital solutions. This makes fork trucks less necessary and warehouse equipment safer and more economical and productive.

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About Topper Industrial

For more than twenty years, Topper Industrial, ( has been a leading manufacturer of material handling carts and equipment solutions. Topper Industrial designs and builds industrial delivery carts, cart lifts, lifts & tilts, material handling racks, steel containers, casters, tube & joint and industrial cart parts & components. Topper Industrial specializes in services to Manufacturing, Fulfillment, Warehousing and the Distribution Sectors. Topper Industrial’s services include, but are not limited to: Design & customization, manufacturing & production, site analysis & planning and implementation justification. Topper’s material handling solutions make delivering material line side more effective through more efficient practices.

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