Product Highlight – Quad Steer Carts

June 20, 2016 Product Highlights 11299 Views

Quad Steer Cart or Tracking Carts are used primarily when being tugged or towed by a tugging vehicle, such as a  tugger,  automated guided vehicle or a vision guided vehicle. They are used to deliver commodities along a specific route on a plant floor.

CT23389 Topper Ind 36x90 Quad Steer

A Quad Steer Cart uses four wheel steering. With all four wheels able to turn, the radius of the rear wheels follows the front wheels and is able to create better cornering. The four wheel steer of a Quad steer cart also allows for more carts to be able to be tugged in a row, with less drifting to the inside.

Topper Industrial has created their Quad Steer Carts to be more durable. The performance is consistent and more dependable. Utilizing Topper’s quad steer cart design, these delivery carts require less maintenance and repair. The tracking of the Quad Steer Cart is smooth and more maneuverable. The quad steer carts are also lighter in weight and this helps the carts be easily tugged, hitched, unhitched and parked for more better ergonomics.

Using Quad Steer Carts in conjunction with a tugging vehicle promotes lean manufacturing and a fork truck free environment. Users who switch from a fork trucks to a tugger  and cart system are experiencing more accurate delivery times, improved safety and increases efficiency from their production line.

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Information submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial

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