Product Highlight: Two Position Corral Cart.

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This tugger cart system by Topper Industrial is a two position corral cart. A corral cart is a unique style type of a mother daughter cart. Its name refers to how the smaller “daughter” carts are closed in or shut in by a barrier. In this cart system’s design, the larger “mother” cart is that barrier.  The purpose of corralling the daughter carts is to provide the same benefits of a standard mother cart delivery system It provides significantly more efficient material handling processes and vastly safer work environments.  

This cart design is similar to Topper Industrial’s patented walk-through mother cart. It utilizes the wheels on ground design that allows all carts to move together as one unit when all carts are locked in. Therefore, it provides the same flexibility of using multiple cart types within one cart system and utilizes the improved push pull forces that the wheels on the ground design provides. 

This corral cart style is different from the walk-through mother cart by locking the daughter carts into the mother’s frame pockets. These pockets are designed to fit the daughter cart’s dimensions and the daughter carts are locked in with a manual lever. 

Most often, customers that benefit to Topper Industrial’s corral cart often have existing delivery carts, designed with 2 rigid caster and 2 static casters steer. These customers will retrofit their existing carts to utilize the corral cart style mother cart. This is implemented with a simple caster change on those existing delivery carts.

Topper Industrial provides innovative material handling solutions like this corral cart which is often benefited by created and manufactured around an existing fleet of carts.

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