Revisiting Cart Delivery and One Piece Flow.

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Topper Industrial, the leader in material handling carts and equipment revisits explaining the benefits of fork truck free cart delivery with one piece flow. One piece flow is an instrumental factor to becoming lean and can be defined when an organization process is able to effectively get what the customer wants, in the quantity wanted, when it is needed. 

Fork Truck Free with One Piece Flow: 

1. Improves safety by reducing motion, handling, and forklift movement 

2. Improves quality by first defecting defects instead of creating a bad batch 

3. Improves flexibility by shortening lead-times through processes (connected processes, smaller lot sizes) 

4. Improves scalability by making equipment that is efficient with smaller lot sizes. 

5. Reduces inventory by connecting processes and reducing lot sizes through quick changeover 

6. Improves productivity by working on one thing at a time and cutting out wasted motion 

7. Simplifies material replenishment by making the speed of material consumption steady and paced to a takt time 

8. Frees up floor space by opening space used for inventory 

9. Makes kaizen take root by exposing hidden problems and making them more visible 

10. Improves morale by promoting cross-training and skill enhancement, as well as identifying and solving problems more quickly and reducing frustration

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Topper Industrial will be exhibiting at MODEX 2021 March 28 – 31, 2021 in ATL at booth B4528.

Check out our Educational Seminar: “Which type of cart delivery works better for you? A comparison between using Tugger Carts or a Mother Daughter Cart System.”

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