Ryan Brown and siblings head the next generation of Topper Industrial.

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Topper Industrial is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty material handling carts that are widely used in the manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distribution sectors. Topper Industrial was incorporated by Ed Brown in 1996. Ed Brown has five children with his wife, Jan. Each child holds a key position at Topper Industrial presently. Cynthia Placencia, the eldest daughter is the CFO for the company. Ryan Brown, the eldest son took over the position of President in 2010. Eric Brown, the youngest son is Vice-President of Research and Development. Jillian Burrow, the middle daughter is the company’s Marketing Manager. Jenna Walter, the youngest daughter is the Safety Manager.

Next Generation of Material Handling: Tuggers Towing Industrial Carts

Like their father, Ed Brown, current CEO at Topper, each child believes that fork truck free and lean initiatives are the way of the future in materials movement. Brown, who holds more patents on industrial carts than anyone else states, “Even manufacturing operations executives who express initial hesitance to giving up forklifts (and moving toward fork-truck free plant floors) are now using tuggers.  Whether manned or unmanned AGV (automated guided vehicle) tuggers are proven to be more efficient, more cost effective, and more productive. They are also more ergonomic and more flexible to use than traditional forklifts.”

Industrial carts are designed like trains with the “mother” truck linked with multiple carts, allowing movement of multiple loads at a time. Having recently partnered with Vecna Robotics, Topper demonstrates how an unmanned tugger truck is designed with an automated system; this tugger pulls linked carts behind the main truck and the capacity is limitless.

With a tugger, multiple heavy-duty carts can be pulled and moved at the same time dramatically improving productivity and operating within the lean manufacturing modality.  Because the carts can tilt, rotate, and elevate, they can also be placed at the ideal distance and heights through manufacturing cells. These ergonomic factors help to minimize the plant floor operators from reaching, stretching, bending, and strains.

The ergonomic design of tuggers and industrial carts means workers move heavy carts without strain. Topper customers report the workforce no longer experiences the same fatigue from using forklifts when shifting to the FTF environment.   Workers stay alert and productive for a longer period.

Next Generation Savings:  Fork Truck Free

Forklifts require extensive training, both for safety and regulatory compliance. Workers must know how to pick up the load from the rack or the ground increasing the likelihood of damage if the load is not picked up properly.    Tuggers are much easier to use so anyone can operate without danger and less training. Tuggers offer more flexibility in workstations since the products can be moved from one location to another by anyone available worker on the plant floor. The products are also safer since the loads are simply attached to carts. The tugger truck allows visibility for drivers which can be maneuvered around tight turns without tipping over, the #1 cause of injury using standing fork trucks.

Over the past two decades Topper Industrial has been focused on the safety of heavy duty carts; it has resulted in a positive impact on overall productivity and cost. There are no known major accidents caused by tugger train systems. The ergonomic design reduces injuries and musculoskeletal disorders, resulting in fewer injuries.

Unlike other knock-off industrial carts, Topper has removed the complication of driving a train of carts travelling on incline surfaces, rough roads, or outside the facility.  Engineering ingenuity backed by patented ergonomic solutions is a way to measure the new generation of Topper Industrial carts.



Topper Industrial is able to engineer and design Industrial Carts (Mother / Daughter Cart Systems, Quad Steer Carts or Tracking Carts, Specialized Delivery Carts, Transfer Carts with Roller Deck, Static Carts, Rotation Carts, Tilt Carts or Kitting Carts), Industrial Cart Components (Parts Department), Industrial Containers (Corrugated and Wire Mesh Containers), Pallets, Lift/Tilt Systems, Racking and Tube and Joint.

For further assistance and inquiries on Topper Industrial Material Handling Solutions, please contact sales@topperindustrial.com or visit www.topperindustrial.com.

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