Topper Industrial 60 degree Tilt Carts

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Topper Industrial 60 degree Tilt Carts

Topper Industrial tilt carts are utilized widely in the material handling industry. This is because they create a safe, controlled and ergonomic delivery work station line side.

Topper Industrial’s tilt carts come equipped with a patented adjustable closed loop hydraulic cylinder that controls the energy of the load as it is tilted in the industrial tilt cart. It provides for a safe and controlled tilt movement in a full to empty application.

The degree of the tilt on a cart is designed and designated by the ergonomic picking heights needed line side. The development of the 60 degree tilt cart was accomplished to satisfy the need to tilt a cart contents past the standard 30 degrees. Line side workers need to reach parts placed vertically in a container without exceeding ergonomic limits for reaching and bending.

Engineering the tilt frame to go past the standard 30 degree tilt presented its challenges. Designers had to consider how the center of gravity would affect the design, the need for counter balances and a possible foot pedal return assist.

In order to combat all the challenges, the base of the cart frame was notched to allow the leading platform edge to go lower than the caster load height. The new design was able to keep a low center of gravity during towing and the able to reach the far side of the container. The design also minimizes the possibility of a serious pinch point as the platform is tilted.

Topper Industrial Tilt Carts come in 30, 45 and 60 degrees.

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