Topper Industrial Defines Fork Truck Free and Shares Examples of Cart Types Used in Cart Delivery.

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Let’s first start with the concept of fork truck free. At Topper Industrial, we have recognized two definitions of what it means to be “fork truck free.” The first and most common definition is minimal fork truck use. Fork trucks in these applications are only allowed at the shipping and receiving areas within the company’s material flow. The second definition is 100% fork truck free. The materials in these applications are carried or delivered with carts and cart systems. There are no fork trucks used at all in a company’s material flow. Most of the time, fork trucks are not allowed. Fork Truck Free Cart Delivery systems exist within both definitions

Fork Truck Free Cart Delivery is the use of industrial carts to move material without the use of fork trucks (also, termed as fork lifts).  Cart Delivery is the use of industrial carts to deliver material to a designated area.  Industrial carts can be pushed or pulled by a material handler and they can be tugged or pulled in a train of multiples. There are various types of industrial carts used daily worldwide.

Material flow using a cart system works in two ways. Companies can deliver material on carts and work with out of that cart or companies can have material delivered using a transfer cart and transfer the material by roller to a work station.

Topper Industrial creates custom carts for unique applications. Topper industrial classifies carts as follows: Static Carts, Tilt Carts, Rotate Carts, Quad Steer, Transfer Carts, Specialty Carts and Mother Daughter Cart Systems.

Industrial Static Carts are rugged industrial push carts with 2 rigid wheels and 2 swivel wheels (or four outer swivel wheels and two center rigid wheels). Static carts have the ability to be tugged or pulled in a row. The carts have improved push pull forces and optimal tracking when being pushed and pulled.

Industrial Tilt Carts are a rugged industrial cart consisting of a unique upper frame work that fits specific content and tilts to a designated degree.  The cart comes equipped with the patented Hydraulic Speed Dampening Cylinder, which tilts at a controlled, slow speed. The most common requested degree of tilt is 30, 45 and 60 degrees, but the carts can be custom designed to virtually any angle. Tilt Carts provides for a safe and controlled tilt movement in a full to empty application. There are also custom side tilt carts capable of presenting material in unique applications.

Industrial Rotation Carts are able to manually rotate and position parts for minimized over reaching and lifting. A rotate cart is a specified industrial cart base with a rotating top. The tops rotate 360 degrees to the various operator work station. The operator is able to rotate the unit by releasing the foot actuated detent to rotate and access parts from any side from one position. The detents automatically locks every 90° or 180.° This secures the rotation top, so that the operator can work out of the unit safely. The effortless rotation is due to the heavy duty sealed precision slew bearing that can handle cantilevered loads with ease and is virtually maintenance free.

Industrial Quad Steer Carts are rugged industrial carts with all wheel steering. Quad Steer Carts can be pushed and have the ability to be tugged or pulled in a row. Quad Steer Carts are used in conjunction with a tugging vehicle such as a tugger, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) or a Vision Guided Vehicle (VGV). Quad Steer Carts are used to deliver and pickup material from a specific route along the factory floor. The Quad Steer Cart can remain attached to vehicle with multiple carts in tow. There is no need for uncoupling during delivery and pick up applications. Quad Steer Carts are often referred to as Tracking Carts or Delivery Carts.

An Industrial Mother Daughter Cart is an industrial cart system consisting of one large Mother cart and two or more smaller Daughter carts. The daughter carts are designed to fit within the Mother Cart’s frame work. Once inside, the Daughter Carts are locked into the Mother Cart and the two carts are able to be tugged as one. Daughter Carts are often different types of carts. For instance, One Mother Cart can be designed to carry a static cart as a daughter cart and a rotation cart as a daughter cart. The Mother Daughter Cart System is a very flexible, effective cart system. Mother Daughter Carts can also be referred to as Corral Cart.

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Below is a video highlighting Topper’s Quad Steer Walk Through Mother Cart System showing off its easy tracking.

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