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Daughter Carts play a significant role in the Mother Daughter Cart System. In fact, it wouldn’t exist without them.   A Mother Daughter Cart is an industrial cart system consisting of one large “Mother” cart and two or more, smaller “Daughter” carts. The daughter carts are designed to fit within the mother cart’s frame work. Once inside, the daughter carts are locked into the mother cart. The mother cart and daughter carts are then able to be tugged as one. The advantage of using a Mother Daughter cart system is that the operator is able to tow multiple Mother carts together as well as their daughters line side and deliver material without having decouple and couple carts at every stop. the loading and unloading is seamless. By using Topper Industrial’s Patented Wheels on the Ground Walk Through Mother Daughter Cart system, the operator is able to utilize delivery and pick up from both side of the line as well. If you add in the option of using different types of daughter carts in each Mother Cart frame for variable applications, it proves to be a very versatile system promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

Topper Industrial ( is a leading material handling cart manufacturer. The new photo (Ref: CT300) is of a 49 x46, four wheel tilt cart.

Topper Industrial engineers many different types of Tilt Carts. Tilt Carts create a safe, controlled and ergonomic delivery work station line side. Topper Industrial defines a tilt Cart is a rugged delivery cart consisting of a unique upper frame that is designed to fit a specific container size and is able to tilt to a desired angle to promote optimal picking and ergonomics.This patented tilt designed focuses on tilt control.

The pictured Tilt Cart is a daughter cart. It is able to be pushed through and pulled out of its Mother Cart.

This tilt cart is a four wheel design and tracks well in controlled path and carries lighter loads. This cart is equipped with Topper’s Light Capacity Floor brake and Toppster RS Casters.

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