Topper Tube: Lean Flow Racks Part of the North American Fork Truck Free Environment

July 8, 2016 Fork Truck Free Info 4247 Views

Topper Tube, ( launched a full line of tube, pipe, and joint products last week, is thrilled to announce the reception and demand is significant. The segue from Topper Carts, the leader in the Fork Truck Free environment, the one-stop-shop approach with Topper Tube allows workstations for general assembly, particularly in the automotive supply chain.

Ed Brown, founder of Topper Industrial, shared that flow racks by Topper Tube are the ideal way to present material to operators for lean manufacturing. Each flow rack can be customized and personalized to suit personnel. Utilizing flow racks allows automotive suppliers to achieve more effective presentation of material handling parts; it also permits an empty container to be returned in one structure, saving space, and time. Flow racks can be designed to gravity feed numerous containers for efficient line side material delivery.

The coated pipe and joint system allows for the complete customization of each specific application. Flow racks can be designed to handle any sized box, container or part. Only a modular structure by Topper Industrial responds to these demands with low cost and simple design.

Because of the many ergonomic patents held by Ed Brown, Topper Tube is carrying forward the company theme of safety first. The unique designs of specialty flow racks allow for more parts to be stored on a single rack,

while easily accessible for both loading and unloading. By using a pivoting upper shelf, parts are functionally stored at heights that were previously unreachable.

Utilizing a counter-weighted upper shelf, the Topper solutions ensure the ability to support heavier loads, while easy and safe to operate. Versatility offers an ergonomic working height for operators and provides safety against unnecessary reaching or lifting above acceptable heights. The ability to add an additional level, and subsequently hold more parts, leads to a more efficient, lean process. This rack is ideal for stations with multiple parts that require dense parts storage in limited space, or stations with larger parts that require more clearance.

Lean requires the elimination of waste and the new Topper flow rack allows for quick, seamless and hands-free exchange of full and empty containers between the material handling delivery cart and the line-side flow rack. This lean solution eliminates the need for any additional, unnecessary movement and handling of the parts, saving time and providing a safer environment for both the material handler and the operator.

Most importantly it reduced dangerous forklift usage, supporting the passion and leadership of Fork Truck Free environments in North America.


Topper Industrial

Article submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial

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