Transferring Materials – Why Topper Transfer Carts are Key.

July 31, 2020 Product Highlights 2064 Views

Transferring material is a key component of the material handling process that needs to be efficient and effective. Topper Industrial is able to create very innovative transfer carts for the materials delivery to the supply chain. Transferring materials using Cart Delivery has become a trending, beneficial mode of transport for materials line side.

Cart Delivery is the use of industrial carts to move material without the use of fork trucks (also, termed as fork lifts).  Industrial carts can be pushed or pulled by a material handler and they can be tugged or pulled in a train of multiples. By choosing to incorporate cart delivery, users can create a better, more predictable workflow which improves production and combats unnecessary downtime.

Material flow using a cart system works in two ways. Companies can deliver material on carts and work with out of that cart or companies can have material delivered using a transfer cart and transfer the material by roller to a work station.

A transfer cart is an industrial delivery cart that is equipped with a conveyor roller top. The rollers aid in the transport of specific content in a conveyor like manner. Most transfer carts are used in conjunction to a stationary conveyor system as a way of getting material to and from the conveyor. Topper Industrial is able to retrofit a cart design so that it is able to work with an existing conveyor system or line side equipment.

Topper Industrial’s development of the automated transfer carts has been a game changer. It creates an efficient, ergonomic way to move material in a predetermined, mapped out, safe and reliable process. Topper’s automated transfer cart is revolutionary step forward in how material is delivered line side, with less touching and increasing safety methods.

The automated transfer carts create an efficient, ergonomic way to move material in a predetermined, mapped out, safe and reliable process. Over time, Topper’s design team started evolving their transfer cart design by moving materials with powered rollers. The new design on the transfer carts improved load capacities, ergonomics and cycle time. With extensive research and development, as well as advances in technology, Topper Industrial was able to improve solutions to the automated transfer cart design that eliminated all tracking, aligning and pushing ailments seen in the older design.

There are various types of industrial carts used daily worldwide. Topper Industrial creates custom carts for unique applications. Topper industrial classifies carts as follows: Static Carts, Tilt Carts, Rotate Carts, Quad Steer, Transfer Carts, Specialty Carts and Mother Daughter Cart Systems.

Transfer Carts are often referred to as Industrial Carts with Roller Deck.

Contact Topper for any questions on the rotate cart or any of your material handling equipment needs.

About Topper Industrial: Topper Industrial has a great team of people working hard each day to create the most reliable and innovative material handling products for our customers. Combined with over 40 years of experience in the material handling industry, Topper’s team of highly skilled engineers, designers and skilled workers is especially equipped to design and build Industrial Carts (Mother / Daughter Cart Systems, Quad Steer Carts or Tracking Carts, Specialized Delivery Carts, Transfer Carts with Roller Deck, Static Carts, Rotation Carts, Tilt Carts or Kitting Carts), Industrial Cart Components (Cart Parts Department), Industrial Containers (Corrugated Containers), PalletsLift/Tilt SystemsRacking and Tube & Joint. Topper is very proud of the dedication each and every team member has for developing quality products for ever changing needs across the supply chain.

Topper’s team is eager to help create solutions for every customer’s material flow requirements.   All customers quickly become part of the extended Topper family. Contact us today at

“Keeping your material in motion.”

Topper Industrial is capable of creating custom Transfer Carts for your unique needs.

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