Tubing in Cellular Manufacturing: A Lean Manufacturing Solution

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Tube solutions provide a simple and reusable system made up of tubes, quick assembly joints, and accessories. By designing and building of a wide variety of custom structures, tube solutions can be configured to aid storage and material handling.

Tube and joints versus fixed structures are extremely versatile; product used for many applications in manufacturing, material handling and logistics.  Customized structures are built to address the requirements of any application.

Because Topper Industrial is the go-to resources for manufacturers, the Topper Tube division provides particularly useful tools for continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing applications. From Kaizen, 5S, Visual Management, Parts Supermarkets tubing solutions support continuous improvement in a variety of ways.

Flexibility is possible with tube and joint solutions because equipment can be easily modified to improve ergonomics, add or remove features, and change dimensions for different products. Similarly, tube structures can be easily moved because equipment can be mounted on castors so that the work area can be quickly rearranged for optimal productivity.

Tube & joint structures and components are reusable which is inherently lean. When equipment must be completely redesigned, these structures can be easily disassembled and the parts reused. This mix and match, fast-changing configuration proves that these tube structures are quick and easy to assemble. It requires no special tools or training, making it ideal for shop floor changes at point of use.

Every fundamental business criteria from TCO (total cost of ownership) to ROI (return on investment) are met with tubing solutions which have ancillary benefits such as reduced labor costs, less walk time, improved throughput, and productivity best-practices.  Space requirements, longevity, and versatility are just more value proposition for the use. Roller tracks, castors, feet are some of the components along with adaptor brackets and connecting joints. Applications are eclectic from flow racks, workstations, and trolleys to shelving and storage, and line side production.

Workstations and assembly cells are at the heart of many manufacturing operations. Cellular manufacturing mandates efficiency; it is critical that they are designed to be as ergonomic, flexible, and efficient as possible. Topper Tube is ideal for building workbenches, workstations, and assembly cells.


The ergonomic design of work areas is crucial not only for compliance with health and safety regulations but also for employee comfort and efficiency. An ergonomically designed work area will reduce injuries and fatigue, while increasing productivity. Tube structures can be designed and ergonomically built. Since tubing structures are not welded, the design can be easily modified if ergonomic improvements are identified. As the holder of more than a hundred US ergonomic patents, Topper is uniquely qualified to address these benefits.


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Information submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial

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