Video highlighting Front Steering for Material Handling Cart Delivery

August 20, 2019 Product Highlights 2037 Views

In the video uploaded to the Topper Industrial YouTube Channel, you are given a overview presentation on front steer design for Fork Truck Free Cart Delivery.

Fork Truck Free Cart Delivery is the use of industrial carts to move material without the use of fork trucks (also, termed as fork lifts).  Cart Delivery is the use of industrial carts to deliver material to a designated area.  Industrial carts can be pushed or pulled by a material handler and they can be tugged or pulled in a train of multiples. There are various types of industrial carts used daily worldwide.

In the video Topper Industrial, a leader in material handling equipment solutions manufacturer has created a specialized cart for heavy duty, outdoor use.

The four wheel cart is designed with front steer. Front steer of Wagon Steer pivots on the center point of the axle. These carts are ideal when being used in applications requiring a sharp u-turn. The trailer is also equipped with a suspension speed rated at 3,000 pounds. The tires on the trailer are made specifically for off roads, all terrain towing (including sand terrain).

The primary use of the cart is to carry large portable generators (or air compressors) on top of its frame to be pulled through remote area such as combat zones. The trailer even comes with a manual parking brake as demonstrated in the video. This heavy duty, all terrain 4 wheel cart is a breakthrough in industrial cart design. It makes for an easy-steering, rugged cart that can hold up through tough terrain.

Topper Industrial is leading material handling solutions manufacturer with emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper manufacturers industrial cart dollies, cart components, industrial containers, industrial lift and rotate systems, and industrial racks. Topper has a built a trustworthy reputation for durable, heavy duty material handling solutions within various industries, such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace, medical and transportation.

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