Industrial carts are a great compliment for lean manufacturing environments.

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Lean manufacturing is the practice of reducing and eliminating non-value added activity. Non value added activity refers to any work that does not add value to the end project. Most, if not all work flow has non-value added activity within its course. For that matter, the aim of lean is to make the work flow better continuously, implementing small changes and problem solving. Lean practices generally evolve as small improvements with constant re-evaluation.

Cart Delivery works as a host to lean manufacturing. By designing a material flow that uses cart delivery, one has to start by considering the current practices and how to make it better and more efficient. Often, cart delivery incorporates the ideals of lean by focusing on getting the right part at the right place at the right time in the right quantity. This is done by evaluating what is being moved and how it is being moved and then, by considering how it should move at what significant quantity at what specific frequency. Cart Delivery is a necessary compliment to lean practices.  The ideal of cart delivery is to create a safer, more efficient, ergonomically minded way to create a correct material flow and sustainable management of the material.

Topper Industrial specializes in designing and manufacturing cart delivery systems. Most designs are engineered to order and are created with unique material flows in mind.


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Article by Jillian Burrow  for Topper Industrial

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