Topper Industrial Custom Front Steer Trailer Cart

February 1, 2021 Product Highlights 1641 Views

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment solutions manufacturer. In this video, Topper high lights a custom front steer delivery cart. The four wheel cart is designed with front steer.

Front steer or Wagon Steer means that the cart steers off of pivots on the center point of the axle. These carts are ideal when being used in applications requiring a sharper turning capabilities.

As you view this view this video, it is noticeable that the cart has custom dimensions. It is a 36 x 192 cart frame. The trailer is also equipped with rubber wheels pressed on the Topper heavy duty hub.

It is highlighted that this cart’s hitch is removable. When removed, fork tubes are easily uncovered and accessible from the short side of the cart. As demonstrated the cart is able to be moved and maneuvered with the use of a fork truck. The use of the Topper HD rotation bearing enables tight turn radiuses.

There are weld-on d-rings on the long side of the cart base. These are useful as tie down locations.

Topper Industrial is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment and a pioneer in fork truck free cart delivery in North America. Combined with over 40 years of experience in the material handling industry, Topper’s team of highly skilled engineers, designers and skilled workers is especially equipped to design and build engineered to order Industrial Carts including Mother Daughter Cart Systems, Quad Steer Carts or Tracking Carts, Specialized Delivery Carts, Transfer Carts with Roller Deck, Static Carts, Rotation Carts, Tilt Carts or Kitting Carts. “Keeping your material in motion.” Topper Industrial designs all products with ergonomics in mind, focusing on ease of use and best positioning of material to get the job done. Topper Industrial’s Services also include: Design & Customization Manufacturing & Production Most products patented or patent pending. #cartdelivery #toppercarts

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