Product Highlight – 6 Wheel Covered Mother Cart with Suspension

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Tugger_MXC CArt2 LOGOSThis made to order, six wheel covered mother cart was developed to be able to tow two racks of machined automobile parts covered in oil from the plant’s sequencing center to its assembly plant.Mother carts are able to carry multiple daughter carts within its frame work. The six wheel design makes for good weight distribution in carrying daughter carts.  Operators are able to tow with good tracking when using the six wheel design. The mother cart is covered with reinforced fiberglass clear plastic. This accessory was added to make sure the cart could be used through all changing weather conditions. The floor of this covered cart is water tight with a drain to work with the oil needed for the machined parts. The cart will travel outside in route for approximately one fourth of a mile of paved road. The wheels of this cart have to be able to handle this designated route. The mother cart was designed with suspension to help absorb shock when traveling on the irregular paved roads.  The racks that are loaded and unloaded from this cart are done with a pallet jack. This cart could be used in other applications where protection from the weather is necessary.

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Article submitted by Jillian Burrow, Marketing Manager for Topper Industrial


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